Jim Jones – Jimmy On The Mix – Compilation (2008)

Jimmy On The Mix is not an official release of Jim Jones, we have compiled many records in which Capo was invited to make remixes at the end of the 2000s, with a variety of artists across the country. Continue reading


DukeDaGod - Harlem Classics

DukeDaGod – Harlem Classics – Compilation (2008)

DukeDaGod brings to you Harlem Classics, an album highlighting 21 of the hottest tracks from his own vaults including unreleased material. As the director of A & R, DukeDaGod is often considered the architect of the hottest Rap crew out of Harlem, having spearheaded the mixtape saturation for which the group is known. This former Roc-A-Fella executive and artist along with Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, Hell Rell, and the rest have solidified a place in Hip Hop history selling millions of albums.
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The Diplomats & DukeDaGod - More Than Music - VOL.2
The Diplomats & DukeDaGod – DIPSET – More Than Music – VOL.2 – Compilation (2007)

The Diplomats A&R man DukeDaGod returns with his second More Than Music compilation. More Than Music VOL.2 features an expanded DIPSET roster with 40 Cal., Bezel, A-Mafia, Max B, Mel Matrix, Katt Williams, Tom Gist and Jha Jha representing alongside the crew’s core members. Continue reading

Stack Bundles – The Rise About The Last Diplomats – Compilation (2007)

This is an not oficial release of Stack Bundles, we have compiled all the songs in which Stack Bundles use beats from The Diplomats albums, accompanied by his squadron Riot Squad. We believe that for some of these songs Stack Bundles knocked on the door of The Diplomats Records.
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The Diplomats & DukeDaGod - More Than Music - VOL.1
The Diplomats & DukeDaGod – More Than Music VOL.1
Compilation (2005)

In his introduction to More Than Music VOL.1DukeDaGod offers up his own unique reinterpretation of the famous Malcolm X line, declaring “we didn’t land on (Plymouth) Rock, we moved the rock”. It’s as good a summation as any for the The Diplomats raucous, uncompromising style, on display in full effect on this supremely potent mixtape-style release. Every member of the Harlem crew shows up on More Than Music VOL.1, from founder Cam’Ron to eccentric Jim Jones to newcomer Jha Jha, the group’s first female rapper. Continue reading

The Diplomats - Dipset Memorial Day & The Purple Bunch
The Diplomats – Dipset Memorial Day & Purple Bunch
Mixtape / Compilation (2005)

Dipset was Harlem and Harlem has always been about fashion.
So when Dipset hit the scene, it’s no surprise that Harlem’s fashionable flamboyance came with them. From Juelz Santana’s American flag gear to the crew’s bright, baggy coats, furs, and fitted caps, Dipset was a loud, extroverted, unapologetic presence.
The culmination of all of this, of course, was how Cam’Ron brought the color pink to the forefront, from his footwear to his automobiles…

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