Juelz Santana - Back Like Cooked Crack - VOL.3 & The Diplomats - The Title Stays In Harlem

Juelz Santana – Back Like Cooked Crack 3 – Fiend Out 
The Diplomats & DukeDaGod – The Title Stays In Harlem
Mixtapes (2005)

In an interview with Hip Hop Canada, Juelz Santana remarked that his approach to the making of What The Game’s Been Missing! was different from his other albums, noting the amount of effort and work he was able to contribute to it, saying: “I’m definitely going to say that I like this album the best mainly because I got to work on it and I got to grow with it. I took care of a lot of things on it and not to say that my other albums were not good, but I just got to put more work into the making of this one”.
Originally 160 songs were recorded for the Album, taking over a year to make. He described the process as “learning how to ride a bike” asserting to the fact that the basis of the album developed deeper into production. The album was also influenced by the 1994 film “Fresh”, In the song “Lil’ Boy Fresh” he loosely summarizes the story from beginning to end. Continue reading


Juelz Santana - Back Like Cooked Crack - VOL.1 & 2

Juelz Santana – Back Like Cooked Crack VOL.1 & 2
Mixtapes (2004-2005)

Juelz Santana didn’t exactly create the bandana popularity, he took it and made it his own. Juelz Santana made sure his bandana game was a variation of colors & even patterns.
Two dominant eras for bandanas tied around the head, two completely different significances. Tupac’s bandana propagated the life of a thug and an outlaw. It was a symbol of “Don’t Fuck With MeJuelz Santana’s version was much more style-conscious: It matched his outfit of the day, and he normally didn’t tie it around his head but merely sat it upon the dome in the daintiest, yet coolest of ways. One thing is for sure; both appropriations had thugs, goons, mild-mannered suburbanites, and hip-hop enthusiasts alike taking the risk.

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