A-Mafia – Harlem To Hollywood – Mixtape (2006)

Harlem is a place where stars are born, and history is made.  Its rich background spans the spectrum of culture from politicians to activists, athletes to music artists; however, the landscape in Harlem is rugged, and there are many different roads to the top.
Growing up amongst all of this was a young Abdul Holmes, also known as A-Mafia.  His story is a true Harlem story.  It is a story filled with triumph and tragedy.  It is a story of survival, perseverance, and never being scared to be great. A-Mafia is the next in a line of dope Harlem MC’s to give you his side of the story in all its glory and its gritty realness.  He is what the streets and music fans crave…a true story.
Being from Harlem, A-Mafia is no stranger to the music scene.  He is respected in most hip-hop circles and has done records with some of Harlem’s most notable artists including Cam’Ron, Jim Jones, Hell Rell, J.R. Writer and 40 Cal. 

01 – Intro
02 – Harlem To Hollywood – Part 1 (The Departure)
03 – A-Mafia
04 – Harlem To Hollywood – Part 2 (The Arrival)
05 – Yea
06 – Harlem
07 – King Of New York – Freestyle
08 – Gutta Muzic
09 – Sad To Say
10 – J-Hood Speaks
11 – Shoot At You Actors (Feat. J-Hood)
12 – Young Fresh And Thuggin’
13 – Damage Interlude
14 – Maury Gatorz
15 – See Me On Top
16 – Hell 4 A Hustla
17 – Don’t Get Carried Away – Freestyle
18 – In My Hood (Feat. P.T.)
19 – Started In Harlem – Freestyle
20 –  The Crownholder Freestyle
21 – When I Die (Feat. Chubbie Baby)
22 – One Blood – Freestyle
23 – The Product – Freestyle
24 – Don’t Get It Twisted
25 – The Come Up (Feat. St. Laz)
26 – Myspace.Com/Amafia140
27 – Hot Boy – Freestyle
28 – We Ain’t Going Nowhere
29 – 40th Boyz (Feat. 40 Cal.)
30 – Bloods And Crips (Feat. 40 Cal. & Young Hardy)



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