The Diplomats & DukeDaGod - More Than Music - VOL.1
The Diplomats & DukeDaGod – More Than Music VOL.1
Compilation (2005)

In his introduction to More Than Music VOL.1DukeDaGod offers up his own unique reinterpretation of the famous Malcolm X line, declaring “we didn’t land on (Plymouth) Rock, we moved the rock”. It’s as good a summation as any for the The Diplomats raucous, uncompromising style, on display in full effect on this supremely potent mixtape-style release. Every member of the Harlem crew shows up on More Than Music VOL.1, from founder Cam’Ron to eccentric Jim Jones to newcomer Jha Jha, the group’s first female rapper.

01 – More Than Music (DukeDaGod, Hell Rell & J.R. Writer)
02 – Dipset Symphony (DukeDaGod, Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, Hell Rell, J.R. Writer, 40 Cal. & Un Kasa)
03 – Back In The Building (Hell Rell)
04 – Santana’s Town – Part 2 (Juelz Santana)
05 – What Is This (Jim Jones)
06 – Open Your Eyez (40 Cal.)
07 – Somebody Gotta Die Tonight (Cam’Ron & Freekey Zeekey)
08 – You Make Me Say (J.R. Writer)
09 – Sucker For Love – Radio Interlude (DukeDaGod & Ash)
10 – So What’s It Gonna Be (Juelz Santana & Fabolous)
11 – The Best Out (J.R. Writer, Hell Rell, 40 Cal. & Bezel)
12 – Bloodshed R.I.P. – Freestyle (Cam’Ron & Bloodshed)
13 – No Days Off (Juelz Santana)
14 – 40th Boys (40 Cal. & A-Mafia)
15 – The Pit (J.R. Writer, Hell Rell & 40 Cal.)
16 – Get Down (Cam’Ron & Juelz Santana)
17 – So Gangsta (Jha Jha & Un Kasa)
18 – What Kind Of Life Is This (Juelz Santana & Razah)
19 – If Only You Believe (J.R. Writer)



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