Juelz Santana – From Me To U – Album (2003)

From Me To U is the debut studio album by American hip hop recording artist Juelz Santana. The album was released on August 19, 2003, under Diplomat, Roc-A-Fella and Def Jam. The album was seen as the introspective introduction of the rapper to mainstream entertainment. Following the success of various street mixtapes and being part of the rap group The Diplomats, co-founded by rappers Cameron Giles a.k.a. Cam’Ron and Joseph Guillermo Jones II a.k.a Jim Jones.

From Me To U was the second official album to be released while the super group was signed to Diplomat Records, a sublabel of Roc-A-Fella Records at the time, following Cam’Ron’s Roc-A-Fella debut Come Home With Me. Upon its release in 2003, after one year of recording and mastering, the 20-tracked album found commercial success, reaching #8 on Billboard 200 and #3 on the Top Hip-Hop/Rap Albums, even though it did not receive critical acclaim throughout the industry. Though some tracks originally were featured on Juelz Santana’s street mixtape Final Destination, they were still applied to the track listing of the official album as well.The album debuted at number 8 on the Billboard 200 selling 74,000 copies in its first week.

01 – The Champ Is Here (Feat. Freekey Zekey)
02 – One Day I Smile
03 – Okay Okay
04 – Down – Skit (Feat. Freekey Zekey & Monique Garnett)
05 – Down
06 – Monster Music (Feat. Opera Steve)
07 – Back Again
08 – My Problem – Jealousy
09 – How I Feel
10 – Why
11 – Wherever I Go (Feat. Jim Jones)
12 – Dipset – Santana’s Town – Skit (Feat. Freekey Zekey & Monique Garnett)
13 – Dipset – Santana’s Town (Feat. Cam’Ron)
14 – Squalie – Skit (Feat. Freekey Zekey, Mike Peters & Monique Garnett)
15 – Squalie (Feat. J.R. Writer)
16 – Rain Drops
17 – My Love – Remix (Feat. Jim Jones)
18 – Let’s Go (Feat. Cam’Ron)
19 – Now What (Feat. T.I.)
20 – This Is For My Homies (Feat. Jim Jones)



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